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Paint Space NOLA - New Orleans

April 4th - 9th (5 days)

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Santa Fe Artist Getaway

June 9-14, 2023 Application deadline Feb 1, 2023


October 13-18, 2023 Application deadline March 15, 2023

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Fearless Abstraction - San Francisco Bay Area

5 person / 3 day workshops in Walnut Creek, CA at my studio

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Santa Fe Artist Getaway

June 9-14, 2023 Application deadline Feb 1, 2023


October 13-18, 2023 Application deadline March 15, 2023

Apply at www.santafeartistgetaway.com

Paint Space NOLA - New Orleans

May 9, 2023 - May 13, 2023 Application deadline Feb 19, 2023

Apply at https://www.paintspacenola.com/workshops

Fearless Abstraction: A Painting Intensive

Jane Burton


Paint big, paint crazy, loosen up and dump those inhibitions!


Focus on painting spontaneously and authentically,

discover how to evaluate your work, learn when to stop and when to push forward, and move beyond fear and self-doubt.


Within an authentic, supportive environment, the workshop focuses on:

- a ton of personal painting time and individual guidance

- daily group discussions, optional painting exercises and demonstrations

- techniques to loosen up and get unstuck

- ways to find your voice and artistic freedom

- exploring the fears and self-doubt around your work


Designed for intermediate and advanced abstract painters.

Portfolio review/application required.

To sign up and for more information: 

Santa Fe Artist Getaway



Teaching Style:

Jane has a fiery creative passion and love sharing her ideas and inspiration with other creatives. Their teaching style is relaxed and fun as well as hands-on and informative. Jane develops, challenges, motivates, supports, embraces, shares, inspires, encourages and fostesr:


-judgement free sharing in a safe environment

-open discussion and critiques

-multiple perspectives and working methods

-meaningful investigation and expression

-strategies for eliminating fear

-personal techniques used in their personal art practices and creative processes

-your most honest authentic voice and discovery of your own personal language unique to you

-opportunity for self discovery/reflection

-honest overview with suggestion for improvement (if desired)


-laughter, dancing, and above all else, fun.

Comments from past participants:


Five glorious days of pinning up huge sheets of canvas and using big gestural movements to create large expressive marks fired us all up with creative abandon

In many ways, this workshop helped me to remember to trust myself, listen to critiques with "one deaf ear" and create from my artist heart with all the authenticity I possess. I began to understand that the most difficult part of creating isn't learning and following rules - it's digging deep and connecting to ones self and allowing that to come forth, then recognizing it for what it is - your own voice.


What a growth experience!

-Julie Tarsha




A warm, welcoming, safe environment that allowed us to paint fearlessly and facilitated the bonding of all the artists. Each artist got a lot of their attention. We were encouraged to be fearless and to examine what might make us fearful. We were also encouraged to listen to our authentic selves and to listen to the urgings and prompts of our deepest selves. There was so much affirmation!


I saw so many dramatic breakthroughs happening. I have a growing confidence in my compositions.


All in all this was a fabulous workshop. It surpassed my highest expectations. 


-Sharon Carr




This workshop was full of enthusiasm, positive energy, smiles, laughter and inspiration. Especially strong aspects were the invaluable honest critiques, daily open discussions, and the vibrant leadership of the teachers that led to significant breakthroughs.


If you are eager to learn the fundamentals of creating large, authentic paintings with confidence in a supportive environment, then this is the workshop for you!


-Lisa Hollenbeck