Painting Statement

My visual language allows me to venture beyond the limitations of words, enabling me to express my core essence in ways that language cannot capture. When I face the canvas each day, my commitment is to transcend the realm of thoughts and words, allowing my feelings to flow unabated.

In my artistic process, I embrace an array of tools that extend beyond traditional brushes. Leaves, branches, mops, plastic, feathers, wire—these unconventional implements find their way into my creative practice. Most of all, I cherish the tactile connection I establish with my art. I love painting with my fingers, hands, and forearms as I continuously explore and experiment.

For me, the creative process is akin to a mesmerizing piece of music or a serene walk in the woods. It elicits a potent amalgamation of excitement, empowerment, and a profound sense of connection. If I can transcend my own thoughts and let go of self-imposed restrictions, the resulting image emerges fresh, alive, and evocative.

Within the fabric of existence, there exists a harmonious vibration, an intricate web of communication and energy that interconnects all things in the universe. When I paint, I feel fully alive and in tune with this expansive energy. It becomes a conduit for my own vitality and creative expression.

Memories, emotions, spirituality, and the wonders of science converge as my greatest sources of inspiration. In my abstract paintings, I strive to create compositions that beckon viewers from a distance, pulling them closer to reveal intricate details that inform, transform, and provoke contemplation.