Like most artists, I've been a maker since I was a little kid. I loved to experiment and get dirty doing it. I worked with crayons, markers, paint, plaster, paper-mache, pipe cleaners, paper, nails, glue, wood, and of course, glitter!

Education and Corporate Work:
My degree was in fine art with an emphasis in painting. I had the privilege to study under Wayne Thiebaud, an incredible teacher and human being. However, I continued my education and career in graphic design. My career took me to the corporate world where I found myself quickly moving away from the creative and into management.

Family, Sisters and Kids:
Ten years into my career in the corporate world, I met and made a family with my husband and his nine year old daughter. Four years later we were blessed with our second daughter who we adopted from Nashville; she was nine days old. 

With work, and two daughters, life got busy!

Finding my Way Back to my Creative Roots:
In 2000 and for all of these years following, I've found myself in several art school classes and workshops.  In 2004, I knew it was time to get real, to begin turning away from a world in which I had been successful, and give voice to my true nature. I went back full-time to my first love, my true voice.

What Inspires Me:
People, nature, yoga, spirituality and science. In all those things I feel a vibration, a vibration that connects everything in this universe together.