Painting Statement

I'm amazed and inspired by people, nature, spirituality and science. There is a vibration, a communication and energy, that connects everything in this universe.

My current work focuses on changing points of view.
Divergent perceptions of life in the conscious and subconscious.

If there are static concrete truths regarding life, they evade us.
We are left with perceptions.

I find this evident while examining nature from different angles; it
is never the same twice. The change in light, direction, or
temperature of say, the same body of water, is completely different
in the winter versus the summer, or when viewed from far above,
rather than submerged within.

On a subconscious level we are steeped in dreams that are filled with
chaos, drama and non-linear pattern. In our wakeful state we
recognize the structure and feel the energy and connectedness of every little thing.

I strive to create paintings that pull one in from afar, and will
inform, change, and challenge in the detail up close.

Much of my past work, figurative sculpture, employed stream of
consciousness writings and invented calligraphy–some, invented
symbols from lost cultures. Much of my new body of work, large,
abstract painting, also includes a calligraphic hand to enclose,
define, contain and explain the chaos all around it.

"BURTON, who studied under WAYNE THIEBAUD at UC Davis, works in a gestural but highly disciplined style, layering color and finishes, inspired by both mystical and natural environments. She is intent on pushing the boundaries of the medium and through constant experimentation, herself as the artist." - Frederick Holmes