3-dimensional organic forms create a stunning textural installation where the casted shadows are as important as the forms themselves. These forms are made with a combination of materials including stainless steel, wire, and hydrocal for a strength. Forms can be a chalky plaster-like finish, dyed like watercolor, or high gloss. Indoor installations. Commission only.

My suggestion is to install lighting with a strip of slowly changing LED lights so that the shadows move throughout the day/hour.

Organic Nature Forms
Vary in size, each element is approximately 6 - 8"
Organic Botanical Forms
"Sway" - Grass or Seaweed forms
Mixed Media

Forms are colored with inks and/or acrylics

In the Sea

Forms of sea anemone and other creatures

Casting A Shadow
Mixed Media

From "Being Woman" Show

A series of abstracted IUD forms